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Being aware of the moon’s phases is a great way to start building magical habits and getting familiar with different types of intentions and actions. Think of the moon as a beginner’s weekly planner, separating every month into four sections. This ‘planner’ will help us become more mindful of not just ourselves at different times of the month, but of the universe, the energies around us, what pushes and pulls may be at play, how we feed into them, and how we can use them.

New Moon & A Ritual Guide

During the new moon, the moon is the least visible. It is done erasing, and is not yet growing again. It is a time for, you guessed it, beginnings. New cycles. Setting yourself up for success and setting intentions for the coming weeks, months, or years. The sky, darkest during this period, seems completely empty, which means it is full of potential. Channel the new moon’s energy like a blank canvas, inviting in whatever you want and need in your life at this time.

Ritual Idea

A mirror ceremony to cultivate more self love or self confidence. Dim the lights (completely off if possible) and proceed by candlelight. Hold a candle near your face so you can clearly see yourself.* Pick a cleansing method for your mirror, such as an essential oil wash or with the smoke from a burning plant bundle (mindful not to culturally appropriate and to source sustainably and ethically). Thrice through, cleanse your mirror by circling the bundle or wash in a clockwise direction on or near/around your mirror.


“New moon, absent of light, I see your potential, I see your life. This cycle you dream, of all that’s to be, and I match your intention, bringing self love to me. I let go of judgment, and invite in grace, new moon in the sky, all of me I embrace.”

Take a moment in front of your mirror and soul gaze: stare into your own eyes for as long as you can. My first try I could only focus for about two minutes; now I do this ritual for 10-15 minutes at a time.

* A warning if you live with dissociative symptoms: dim light while soul gazing can be triggering. Skip this step or try bright lighting; put your mental health first.

Level Up

Do this ritual naked to embrace all that you are, exactly as the universe intended you to be: beautiful, thoughtful, compassionate, and worthy.

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