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Being aware of the moon’s phases is a great way to start building magical habits and getting familiar with different types of intentions and actions. Think of the moon as a beginner’s weekly planner, separating every month into four sections. This ‘planner’ will help us become more mindful of not just ourselves at different times of the month, but of the universe, the energies around us, what pushes and pulls may be at play, how we feed into them, and how we can use them.

Waning Moon & A Ritual Guide

During the waning period, the moon is getting “smaller” (less visible) in the sky, like it’s slowly being erased. Think of this time as when the moon can support you in erasing things in your own life. Releasing. Creating space. Breaking free of toxic ties to habits or people. Cleansing. Letting go of what no longer serves you.

Ritual Idea

A wind bath to wash away any stale or stagnant energy looming (from an incident, a relationship, a bad habit, the winter, negative feelings or depression, etc). A water bath is also great if it’s not windy! But think of where you can find wind besides stepping outside– a hike or drive to the beach or the top of a nearby hill or mountain, perhaps?

Stand with your arms wide and open, feeling the wind brush and whip across your skin. Picture the cold, stale energy that may be inside and around you. What does it look like? Mine often feels like a grey, smokey ash, or sometimes a black, sticky substance clinging to me. Picture the wind ripping it away. It is the earth’s way of helping you clear what no longer serves you. If you are doing a water bath instead, do the same but with pouring/running water or a good scrub.


“Waning moon, Lady Divine, help wash away what is not mine. I release to you, what I no longer need, knowing you in your power, can neutralize in ways I do not see. I thank you, moon, and I thank you, universe, for being there all ways. And I pull you closer, through my practice, in gratitude for coming days.”

Level Up

Waning crescent: Completion, Celebration, Rest

Waning gibbous: Reap what you have sewn, Gratitude

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