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Being aware of the moon’s phases is a great way to start building magical habits and getting familiar with different types of intentions and actions. Think of the moon as a beginner’s weekly planner, separating every month into four sections. This ‘planner’ will help us become more mindful of not just ourselves at different times of the month, but of the universe, the energies around us, what pushes and pulls may be at play, how we feed into them, and how we can use them.

Waxing Moon & A Ritual Guide

During the waxing period, the moon is growing again, becoming more visible and brighter night by night. This is the time to do the work that you’ve set intentions for during the new moon or made space for during the waning moon. Now is when you buckle down, make the changes, follow through on promises, and show the universe that you’re not just asking for endless favors, you’re doing your part too. Take concrete steps towards your dreams, practice manifestation, and take advantage of this energizing time to make headway on your goals. Dream big and have the confidence that it will happen for you if you’re willing to do the work.

Ritual Idea

Try your hand at word or knot magic. Come up with an affirmation or anything that feels helpful in your plans, such as “I am capable of achieving all I desire,” or “I confidently take the steps towards manifesting my dreams.” Feel free to get specific, such as “I launch my business with confidence and tenacity,” “I stand tall and deserving in my salary negotiation,” or “I am stern and have the power to set boundaries with my family.”

Light a candle (try anointing with an essential oil or dressing with a spice) and grab a journal. Take a deep, filling breath, visualizing the air particles flying through your nose, down into your gut, and energizing your body. Vigorously exhale, pushing all the air out, pulling navel to spine and holding at the bottom. Visualize old or unhelpful energy being forced out, making room for a revitalizing breath. Repeat at least two more times.

For the word magic ritual, write your mantra using your favorite pen or with a corresponding colored pen (see Chapter 4: Associations & Amplifications) on a page. Repeat, and say it aloud each time you write it. Feel the scratching of pen on paper, carving your words into reality. Visualize that with every flick of the pen, your incantation becomes more and more manifested. Write as many times as you see fit. Seal the ritual by writing at the end, “So mote it be.” “And so it is.” or any other ending that feels right to you. Close your journal, snuff out the candle, and feel the energy you’ve created during this waxing phase.

For the knot magic ritual, instead of writing your incantation, find something long to tie. It could be a shoelace, a string, twine, or anything else that you can tie a tight knot in. Every time you repeat your incantation, tie a knot and yank it tight. Do this as many times as feels right and seal the ritual with a final knot and, “And so it is.” or whichever ending phrase feels right in your practice. I like to tie the end of my string to the beginning, forming a circle, and wearing it like a bracelet when I’m working.

Level Up

Waxing crescent: Believe in yourself and your ideas, Manifest

Waxing gibbous: Be disciplined in your work and actions, make adjustments where necessary

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