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The Comfy Coven Podcast

A Pod About Witch Life

All are welcome in the comfy coven.

This is a podcast about being a witch in the 2020s, in your 20s. Hosts Hannah Joslin & Maddi Martinez are two girls with overactive throat chakras and a great desire to create more honest conversations around modern witch life.

Some researched topics for your practice? Yes. A lot of talk about mental health, activism, mythology, anthropology, relationships, psychology, tarot, sex, herbs, science, and more? Also yes.

If it happens in witchcraft, or in life in the nebula that is your 20s, it’s on the pod.

More About the Hosts

Maddi is a freaky fresh 25-year-old astrology junkie / kitchen witch who majored in history and minored in psychology. As a self-proclaimed empath, Maddi enjoys crying over videos of Steve Irwin, drinking Kombucha, buying candles at HomeGoods, body positive activism, and being an Aquarius.

You can find her here on The Comfy Coven pod, on Instagram @sassymissmaddi, and filling her house with enough palo santo smoke to suffocate.

Aquarius sun 🌞 Scorpio moon 🌙 Aquarius rising 🌅

Hannah is a super hip 26-year-old sea witch, mental health advocate, and ghostwriter. She enjoys copious amounts of Thai food, floating in the ocean, and rarely following her own advice. Hannah has 20 tattoos and counting, an obsession with books and medicinal herbs, and lounging.

You can find her here on The Comfy Coven pod, running The Witch’s Universe, on Instagram @hannahmjoslin, and watching movies she’s already seen an irrational amount of times.

Taurus sun 🌞 Capricorn moon 🌙 Leo rising 🌅