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The step by step framework for building a consistent+healing spiritual practice from the ground up.

I believe

Your expansion as a connected & joyful spiritual being can be built through Boundless Being.

It’s a powerful, unique, step-by-step framework for building a healing+consistent spiritual practice from the ground up.

Using tenants of yoga, metaphysics, & mental health…

it provides the structure needed to explore and sustainably integrate a healing spiritual practice into your life.

I built this system…

not as a rule or standard (there is no such thing in personal spirituality), but as the foundations many (including myself) need in order to grasp, expand, and deepen their own practices and connection.

Boundless being

is a month-long (or more, self paced) course with LIVE checkpoint and chat components. It can help you build stronger connections to and relationships with your self, your communities, and the divine, however you may name that (Spirit, Universe, Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Higher Self, deities, etc). This is the basis for healing and further practice goals, such as manifestation, magic, and more.


prompts, education, yogic philosophy, mental health practices, nature, metaphysics, and lots and lots of guidance…

This framework is designed to be…

approachable, usable, customizable, and truly integrable for each unique person and their goals.



Metaphysics, Yogic Wisdom, & Orienting to a New Magical Mindset

We’ll set strong foundations for our practice by learning about ancient yogic wisdom, metaphysics (magic, witchcraft), and their overlapping philosophies.


Breaking down practice components

The Boundless Being Formula

Magic =

Intention (active awareness) +

Action (reverence) +

Creating a Door (to receive) +

Gratitude (innate enoughness)


Building your practice

Deepen Through Shadow Work & Lines of Divine Communication

Exploring what it means to heal, to empower oneself while also releasing control, and how to strengthen channels of communication with oneself (intuition) and divine energy (whatever you may name that) even with obstacles like anxious thoughts.


realistic integration

Ritualize, Integrate, Practice, Learn, Add in Amplifications

Realistic examples, guidance, and customizable methods for applying the Boundless Being Formula in a busy life, plus an overflowing resource library to kickstart your long-term expansion.


Becoming Boundless

Reflect, Rejoice, Realign, Commune, Heal, Liberate

Step back from urgency, from spiritual materialism, from the need for constant growth, from the feeling that you’re going in a circle, to see that it was actually an upward spiral. Heal. Live. Find community with other Boundless Beings. Do good. Be.


So who am I?


Certified trauma-informed yoga+meditation+spirituality teacher

via Susanna Barkataki, covering yoga, prānāyāma (breathwork), dhyāna (meditation), philosophy, ethics, power & privilege, spirituality, ayurveda, anatomy & somatics, accessibility, energy & chakras, mantra & mudra, consent, teaching, and more


Best-selling ghostwriter & writer

on mindfulness, meditation, post-traumatic growth, grief & healing, mental health, communication, relationships, work-life balance, identity, psychology, self-help, hypnotherapy, spirituality, and more


Metaphysics devotee

Witchcraft. Nature, elements, & spirit. Spellwork. Manifestation. Divine connection and communing. Empowerment alongside aparigraha (non-attachment, release of the need for control).


Mental health storyteller


Death & decay admirer


Intuition amplifier


Herbal mocktail maker


Pattern, archetype, & presence finder


Spellcaster, mundane magic alchemist


Anti-colonial, anti-extractive, anti-exploitative social justice co-conspirator


Mushroom, microdosing, & mycelium lover


Cultural anthropology, psychology, philosophy enthusiast


Divine seeker


Tattoo collector


Ocean siren & forest fairy


Forever student


Artisan Japanese, Seafaring Norwegian, late blooming queer, neurodivergent, she/her

More About Boundless Being

My name is Hannah. I spent a lot of time wandering and muddling through an endless array of information overload when it comes to spirituality and healing, and became paralyzed, unfocused, and burnt out. But with Boundless Being, I’m able to frame my practice and learnings, integrate and explore with more purpose and direction, and my healing spiritual practice is now simplified, sustainable, fulfilling, and joyful. I feel divinely connected at every level and phase of life, and have a framework to turn to whenever I need guidance.


Happy Community Members


“Your teachings continue to resonate and come up for me even months later. You have a talent. Thank you for sharing this with the world.”

Bekah, Pennsylvania

“I can’t wait to see what you create for us next!”

Morgan, Alaska

“You have a really beautiful mind, and people deserve to see this program.”

Ryan, California

“You say you’re not an expert… I disagree :)”

Cass, New York

“You are incredibly capable of spreading good. I KNOW that those who find this, benefit.”

Jay, Texas

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