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About, Values, & Origin

I believe your expansion as a connected & joyful spiritual being can be built through Boundless Being. It’s a powerful, unique, step-by-step framework for building a healing+consistent spiritual practice from the ground up.

the story

I spent a lot of time wandering and muddling through an endless array of information overload when it comes to spirituality and healing, and became paralyzed, unfocused, and burnt out. But with Boundless Being, I’m able to frame my practice and learnings, integrate and explore with more purpose and direction, and my healing spiritual practice is now simplified, sustainable, fulfilling, and joyful. I feel divinely connected at every level and phase of life, and have a framework to turn to whenever I need guidance.


I spent a decade…

I spent a decade slowly collecting information and resources about what a spiritual practice even was.

Witchcraft. Inner child healing. Shadow work. Mindset work. Mental health and therapy. Metaphysics. Yoga. Philosophy. Ritual. Prayer. Deities. Meditation. Plant medicine. Mythology and legend. Cultural anthropology. Religion.

The list could probably go on forever.

Across all these different disciplines

It felt impossible to know what I wanted, where to start, what was “right”, and how to possibly pull everything together into a personalized spiritual practice – one that felt integrable, sustainable, meaningful, and brought more joy and fulfillment to my life… more connection to myself and to the higher energies I believe in.

On one hand

While I had a great time throughout the years discovering and exploring, it was often overwhelming, contradictory, and there were far too many sources to keep track of and build trust with.

This was my journey

And while there are no shortcuts on a spiritual path, one of self-development and growth of divine connection and life purpose and daily joy, I do think there could be an easier way to start. To build.

A framework to use as a foundation. A comprehensive guidebook that gives you bones on which to develop. The soil in which to plant your own seeds and roots. The pillars on which to climb your own vines. That’s what Boundless Being is.

I built this system not as a rule or standard…

(there is no such thing in personal spirituality), but as the foundations and system many need (including myself) in order to grasp, expand, and deepen their own practices, on their own terms and in their own time.

Once I (originally inadvertently) developed this framework for my practice, everything began to fall into place. And I mean everything.

My healing and wellbeing. My ability to feel joy. My daily practice. My long-term growth. My ability to know myself and befriend my mind. My knowledge of and alignment with my purpose as a human. My ability to establish better connections (communication channels) with higher energies. The way in which I could attune and commune with nature and natural cycles.

A starting place for every new tool. A storybook and index for every experience. A navigation system for all I am, all I want and need, and all I could be. And the methodology to integrate it all seamlessly into a modern life.

And, this doesn’t even begin to address the way in which my spiritual practice saved my life

(I am a Taurus who is not averted to being dramatic, but I’m not being dramatic right now). Spirituality and spiritual wellbeing, once integrated with this framework, brought me back to joy and fulfillment from a long-resided brink of depression, anxiety, PTSD, CPTSD, dissociation, self harm, suicidal ideation, and more.

I am NOT…

I am not a therapist. I am not a spiritual guru. I am not an expert.

I am a soul with experiences that led me to building this framework and system, that I wholeheartedly believe can help other people find footing, root, rise, grow, heal, and: become.

Become wholly who they’re meant to be and navigate life joyfully, easefully, spiritually. Have this human experience and truly feel it’s beautiful and wonderful and meaningful, in the wholeness (bad stuff included) that it is.

Values Snapshot

Roots (a grounded approach which honors the past), community, accessibility, intersectional social justice, connection, healing, liberation, anti-spiritual-materialism, and above all, compassion

Ahiṃsā = non-harm, the disruption of systems that cause harm

What principles do I live by?

Loving kindness. Self nurturing. Connection and healthy communication (with self, with community, with nature, with the divine). Seeing all experiences, good and bad,  as a meaningful story. Living with purpose, alignment, confidence. Self development and healing. Spirituality & metaphysics. Finding magic in the mundane. Joy and empowerment and ease amidst the storm.

What do I care most about?

Helping people heal, find joy, find purpose, feel fulfilled, feel connected, find clarity, and face the unknown or darkness with excitement and curiosity instead of fear and hopelessness… through an integrable and fulfilling spiritual practice and divine connections.

What do I stand for?

Integrable practice that makes life feel aligned, directed, and whole. Harnessing pain that helps us grow towards our purpose; removing unnecessary pain/friction. Alchemizing pain into purpose, hopelessness into hope, mundane into magic, absence to presence, overwhelm into true joy. Anti-commodified-attention. Anti-reductive knowledge sharing. Meaningful connection. Spreading goodness.


So who am I?


Certified trauma-informed yoga+meditation+spirituality teacher

via Susanna Barkataki, covering yoga, prānāyāma (breathwork), dhyāna (meditation), philosophy, ethics, power & privilege, spirituality, ayurveda, anatomy & somatics, accessibility, energy & chakras, mantra & mudra, consent, teaching, and more


Best-selling ghostwriter & writer

on mindfulness, meditation, post-traumatic growth, grief & healing, mental health, communication, relationships, work-life balance, identity, psychology, self-help, hypnotherapy, spirituality, and more


Metaphysics devotee

Witchcraft. Nature, elements, & spirit. Spellwork. Manifestation. Divine connection and communing. Empowerment alongside aparigraha (non-attachment, release of the need for control).


Mental health storyteller


Death & decay admirer


Intuition amplifier


Herbal mocktail maker


Pattern, archetype, & presence finder


Spellcaster, mundane magic alchemist


Anti-colonial, anti-extractive, anti-exploitative social justice co-conspirator


Mushroom, microdosing, & mycelium lover


Cultural anthropology, psychology, philosophy enthusiast


Divine seeker


Tattoo collector


Ocean siren & forest fairy


Forever student


Artisan Japanese, Seafaring Norwegian, late blooming queer, neurodivergent, she/her

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